Avoid Yoga Injuries

Listen to your body. When you are in child’s pose, be aware. Feel what’s going on with you. If you notice a part of your body that feels off, take it easy on that area for that day.

Make the practice your own. As teachers, we’re here to help. Let us know of any injuries you might have or modifications you may need.

Back-off. Sometimes “finding an edge” means easing back because for some of us, that’s the most difficult thing to do. It feels unnatural and unproductive, but it’s what our body and spirit may need the most.

If you feel pain, STOP. Immediately. We strive, through physical postures, to put ourselves in uncomfortable places. But there is a huge difference between discomfort and pain. Your practice should never be painful.


“Exercise and rest are essential to vibrant health.”
- Universal Truth