Years of history, philosophy and culture that cross many continents have proven that the simple yet powerful principles of yoga can bring you from living life to loving life. Beyond the benefits of physical exercise, yoga is about learning to think less and feel more. Through a long lineage of inspiring teachers, Zuda Yoga’s owner Anne Marie Kramer landed in California to offer power vinyasa yoga in Sacramento Area.


Vinyasa yoga is a moving meditation. Meditation is a self-exploratory journey. It can dissolve the daily stress and distractions of modern life. Learn to transcend pessimism to optimism, restlessness to peacefulness, self-observation to self-transformation.  Meditation creates insightful balance and emotional clarity on your path to healthy, purposeful and whole living.

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We offer more than 45 classes weekly of power vinyasa yoga in Folsom, California. That being said, we know our stuff. We are confident in our structure. We believe that whether you are a beginner attending foundation classes or an expert continuing your journey of self-discovery, the meaningful community exclusive to Zuda will help to connect you to your fullest life. And here’s a bonus: We have great music.

“May I care enough, to love enough to share enough to let others become what they can be.”
- John O'Brien