Step up to your edge, dive into your community and watch your mind & body transform! If you’ve participated in this program before, you’ll notice that we’ve raised our game. This is more than 30 days of asana — this program also includes 30 days of setting an intention and taking the steps for the life that you want to create!

Program Guidelines

  • 30 days of yoga practice, consecutively.
  • If you miss one day of practice, you are able to make it up by taking two classes another day in order to reach the goal of 30 classes in 30 days.
  • You can miss a maximum of two days — that means that you do two days of double classes.
  • Workshops and yin yoga count as a practice!
  • Your name will be listed on a bulletin board at Folsom. Next to your name will be 30 spaces. For each day that you practice, tell the Front Desk that you’re participating in the Challenge and they will give you a sticker to place next to your name.


The 30 Day Yoga Challenge will ask you to declare an intention — what do you want to change, what do you want to create? It would be anything! Over the 30 days, we’ll help guide you in making that intention a reality.

  • Intro Meeting at Folsom
  • A buddy with whom you’ll be paired and check-in with throughout the challenge.
    Motivate each other! Practice together! Challenge one another!
  • Weekly emails to examine a specific part of your intention throughout the week.
    This is just for you, but you’re encourage to share it.
  • 30 Day Challenge Facebook group where participants can share experiences, challenges and breakthroughs.
  • Free workshops, meditations and special classes for all who enroll. Join your Zuda community in this life changing event.

After successful completion, receive:

  • 5 free guest passes to introduce your friends to Zuda Yoga (passes are for brand new students only)
  • A coupon for 30% off one boutique item
  • A Zuda Yoga memento

Next Challenge Dates Coming Soon!

There is no additional cost to participate in the Challenge aside from the cost for classes. Unlimited membership makes the most financial sense. Pre-registration required.